Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alien Ever Visit Earth (Testimony of Former Astronaut)

Edgar D. Mitchell, the Apollo crew members of the 14 United States, which is also the 6th astronauts landed on the moon, on July 22, 1971, when receiving a radio interview stated publicly, that the alien has been repeatedly in contact with human beings, but the U.S. government to hide This reality for 60 years.
Dr. Mitchell of Apollo 14
Mitchell is this year's 77-year-old said, in the experience of his life as an astronaut, he discovered a note that the UFO had repeatedly visited the earth, but each time was always covered up by NASA.

Mitchell said, the source of information NASA had contact with alien told him, the Alien is the "little people who think we are odd shaped."

He said shapes our imaginations like Alien first time that, "Regulated small and large heads and wide-eyed." As for technology, the Earth was no match for the Alien, "If only they intend against us, of course now we've finished."

Edgar D. Mitchell, the Apollo crew members of the 14 U.S.

Rosewell Case is the Reality

During the Apollo 14 served in 1971, Michel and colleagues instruktornya Shepard, broke the record of humanity walking the longest lunar surface, a total of 9 hours 17 minutes.

Mitchell said the leader of programs that surprised, he was always in the scope of military information, see the information that the last 60 years have repeatedly visited the Alien. Meanwhile, the impeachment of the aircraft UFO incident in the town of Rosewell, the state of New Mexico in 1947 also is true.

The U.S. government cover up the reality for 60 years
Leaks are revealed by Mitchell, immediately clarified by the NASA, said that their institutions do not chase the UFO, did not engage in any activity that conceal the existence of aliens on this earth or anywhere else in the universe.

In the statement noted, "Doctor Mitchell is a great American citizen, but in this debate we have a different view of him."

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