Monday, September 14, 2009

Differences Business Affiliate (Reseller) with MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

To the loyal readers of the online business blog, this time I just want a little stretched the meaning of the term affiliate business or a reseller is often called the MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Inspiration from writing articles online businesses is because many businesses, especially beginners of my business online as often to mean one or misunderstanding, and thought the same of business sense affiliate / reseller with MLM.

In the previous article online business I've never explains what affiliate marketing and also the Multi-level marketing. Affiliate marketing is a type of business that when a person / member (affiliate marketers) sell goods / services from the merchant (owner of the products / services) then the member will be paid and get a commission, while the MLM or Multi-level marketing (story) is a direct sales system (direct selling), usually companies take advantage of consumers / members to distribute their products and consumers are getting a bonus .* (more details, please visit

Then what is difference?

The following Business Differences affiliate (reseller) with MLM (Multi Level Marketing):

1. Business Affilite (Reseller)
This business is usually broken, there is no system feet / story, so if anyone is selling a product service so he just enjoyed himself while the people who previously did not have to recruit so that only the commission can be the owner of the same product and the seller had. Example: Suppose the (A) sold to (B) and then sell to (C) then the (A) can not be anything.

2. Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
If this business as opposed to affiliate, the MLM sales usually over a network either directly or not *, so if the member is to sell goods / services to other consumers before the member who recruited him or above on one network member will be paid along with bonus. Example: Suppose the (A) sold to (B) and then sold again to the (C) then the (A) get a commission.

I hope the brief article above can add and refine our thinking and be able to distinguish the two types of these businesses and does not happen again misunderstanding regarding online business affiliate (reseller) with Multi Level Marketing (MLM) for the future.

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