Saturday, December 19, 2009

Milk and Bread

It was a quite and dark night. Rains fell down very heavily allied with heavy lightning and storm. a young traveler was trying to find shelter to protect him from the cold and unfriendly weather. He moved from one big tree to another. And finally he found a terrace of house, a good place to shelter himself.

He was wet all over but he tried to take a rest. He looked very weary. He also ran out of food. His body trembled as he tried to fight his coldness and hunger. He had also suffered from a terrible headache.

Suddenly, a middle-age woman came approaching the house. Actually, she was the owner the house. Seeing the woman coming toward him, the young traveler politely asked her permission to shelter and take a rest in front of her house. "Mam, may i stand here for a moment, it is raining very hard and i need a place to shelter and take a rest for a moment?"

The women nodded down her head as a sign that she did not mind, then she entered the house. In a moment, she came out with a bowl of warm milk and a piece of bread. "Son, you look very hungry. I am sorry all i have is a bowl of warm milk and a small piece of bread," said the woman.

"Thank you Mam, thank you very much," thanked the man. With his trembling hand, he took the meal and finished them at the once. Deep inside his heart he was so grateful for the very precious gift.

Years passed by. One day in a big and famous hospital, it was a very busy day when some people carried old woman in critical condition to the hospital. It seemed that her suffering was caused by a very deadly disease that she had for years. The head of doctor decided to do a surgical operation to save her life.

A few days after the operation, the woman was in the recovery process. During this time she was worried. All she had in her mind was about money to pay all the treatment she had. "How can i pay all this?" asked herself. One day, a nurse came to her with a letter. She worried took and read the paper.

"Dear kindly Mam, allow me to introduce my self. I am the head of the doctors in this hospital. I have also done the operation for you myself. Do not worry about the payment,i have taken care everything for you. Finally i get the change to repay your kindness of giving me a bowl of warm milk and a piece of bread when i was in hunger. I am the hopeless young man that once you helped before. May you always be healthy in you life."

Upon the reading the paper, the woman could not stop herself from shedding her tears. She was so relieved. She had never thought that the little she did sincerely years ago would bring a result like this. She could be saved from her illness and she did not have to spend any money. "I am so lucky this time," she said in happily.


Dear readers,
This is a great story that teaches us the importance of being kind-hearted and doing merits in this life, no matter how small they are.

"Bad guys, even disasters have not come yet, luck has gone away. Good guys, even luck has not come yet, all disasters have already gone away. "

The proverb suits my opinion that anyone can obtain and create luck. Luck does not just come to us,but it comes from causes that we made. No luck that comes from nothing, no causes. There is no single luck that does not come from any good causes taht we have created. Luck does not come automatically. we have made the cause whether we realize it or not.

All goodness that we made, usually or most of the time will result in a series of kindness that we get. As well as luck, one luck will bring another luck, one success will lead another success.

So, let's clean our heart, keep bad motivation and intention away from our mind, let's throw away all intention to displease, hurt, or insult others. Every time we have a bad thought, uncontrolled emotion that may drive us to do bad something, remember this; luck keeps itself from bad people, but disasters and problems love them; luck comes to good guys and disasters keep their distance away.

Let's do one good action everyday, no matter how little it is. And remember, those who can do good deeds in his life are the real luckiest people.

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