Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Carrot Cake Conversations

Release Date: TBA October 2008

Origin : Singapore
Genre: Drama
Director: Michael Wang
Starring: Adrain Pang, Alaric Tay, Andrea Fonseka, Danielle O'Malley

Synopsis :The Carrot Cake Conversation is the story of four strangers who find themselves stranded in Singapore, two days before christmas and how they find companionship over a plate of carrot and a conversation.

The story follows a failed American actress, who is in transit in Singapore for one night, on her way to New Zeland to set up her dream cafe.

Kate meets Daniel, a dishevelved businessman who recently caught his wife cheating on him , Matthew a rich property monguls who find himself at the crossroad of his life, and Ruth a prostitute who longs to be Singapore first blue singer.

In their conversation, they talk about love,life,loss ,carrot cake, Singapore, being alone, Christmas, their dreams, their fears, their hope, and at the end of this one night ,because of their conversation with a complete stranger , they become different people.

The Carrot Cake Conversations trailer :

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julie said...

I've been searching this movie online but not able to find it. Do you happen to know where I can download this movie or buy the DVD? Your info is much appreciated.

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